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PVC Granulator

PVC granulator

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Double screw granulator 80 tapered double PVC granulator is independently developed by Suzhou Baolitech Machinery Co., LTD., PVC transparent soft material, PVC transparent hard material, PVC plastic calcium master granulator, PVC cable granulating output is 330kg.
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The device contains

1. Sjsz80/156 conical twin screw extruder 1 set

2. Harvard-style manual quick change net hot granulator head 1 set

3. Stainless steel three-stage air feeding cooling and unloading device 1 set

4. One set of SHR-300/600 high cold mixing unit

PVC twin-screw granulator 80 taper twin-PVC granulator Equipment configuration and requirements:Host SJSZ80/156 conical double screw extrusion machine frame is made of high quality steel and high strength plate welding finish machining, gear box adopts hard tooth surface gear grinding gears, the hollow shaft output configuration has super specifications of the thrust bearing, screw under the thrust, after bearing and oil seal and other major standard parts are using domestic high quality products, bearing capacity is higher, the whole machine is stable, low noise, high efficiency, reduction ratio, moreover, the input power: 55 kw, domestic high quality inverter frequency control of motor speed, reliable and steady run load for a long time,The oil wetted sliding system feed cylinder and screw cylinder are made of 38CrMoAlA high quality nitriding steel, the depth of nitriding layer :0.6-0.8mm, the hardness of nitriding: screw 8560HV, screw 930HV diameter: small head 80mm, large head 156mm.

Heating system (heater)

A. 4 groups of heaters are used in the barrel, and 6 zone heaters are provided in the head

B. Heating power :3-AC3800V,50HZ,

C. The heater is covered with a stainless steel safety cover

5. Cooling device

A. The cylinder is cooled by 3 sets of centrifugal fans, 320W/ zone

B. Fan power supply :3-AC380V,50HZ,

6. Main motor

A. Motor Power :55KW

B. Integrated installation of motor and main machine

C. power supply: 3 - AC3800V, 50 hz,

D. Motor synchronous speed: 1500rpm

7. Quantitative feeding device and hopper:

A. Stainless steel round hopper

B. Quantitative feeding: screw quantitative feeding

C. Quantitative feeding speed regulation: 1.5KW frequency conversion speed regulation

8. Nose connection flange:

A. Forged no. 45 fine steel lining is made of hard chrome plated and connected with hexagon socket bolt in the head

B. Surface blackening treatment

9. Electrical control cabinet

A. power supply: 3 - AC380V, 50 hz

B. Variable frequency governor: Shenzhen brand optional

C. Temperature control: area 8, digital temperature controller

D. Independent electric control cabinet

Harvard-style manual quick change net hot granulator head

A. Size of filter plate :100mm

B. Filter plate locking mode: harvard-type locking with stranded chain

C. Single skilled net changing time :60 seconds

D. Diameter of discharging plate hole :2.8mm

E. Grain cutting motor power: 750W

F. Speed regulating range of grain cutting speed; 0-600 revolutions per minute

Stainless steel three - stage cooling air feeder

Diameter of class A silo :500mm

B. Diameter of the second stage silo :500mm

C. The diameter of the third stage bin (equipped with discharging valve) :700mm

D. Diameter of stainless steel duct :110mm

E. Power of high-voltage fan motor: 1.5KW

F. Final cooling temperature of granule; 40-65 degrees Celsius

SHR - 200/500 mixer                                 

Hot mix SHR - 200   

Cold mix SHL500

gross capacity



effective volume



stirring blade



speed of agitator



type of cooling



heating method

Since the friction

Since the friction

mixing time

8-10 points/pan

10-15 points/pan

Focus on plastic recycling granulation technology
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