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Plastic PP woven bag PE film granulator

Plastic PP woven bag PE film granulator

  • Name: plastic PP woven bag PE film granulation recovery machine line

  • Model: PTC series

  • Raw materials: plastic PP woven bag, non-woven cloth, PE film

  • Usage: the machine recycles PP plastic woven bag, the non-woven cloth becomes PP particle PE film

  • Host: single screw extruder with compactor/adhesive, granulator

  • Screw: Single screw

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Plastic PP woven bag film granulator production line features:

1. Plastic PP woven bag film granulation recycling machine line, high yield, good granulation capacity (200kg/h ~ 1000kg/h). 2. Plastic PP woven bag granulation recycling machine line is widely used to recycle waste PP woven bag, non-woven cloth into PP particles. 3. Highly automatic: only 2 people on one production line 4. High efficiency: double layer knife disc patent design, PP woven bag granulation yield increased by 20% 5. Low power consumption: 350kwh per ton of particle power 6. According to the cleanliness of raw materials and actual production needs, you can choose single-stage machine (an extruder with one set of filter and mesh changer) or double-stage machine (an extruder with two sets of filter and mesh changer for the upper and lower two extruders) 7. Can choose water ring die surface granulation or cold water strip granulation with different raw materials


How to control the quality?

We have the technical and engineering teams to design sample machines before entering the market Production, QC team to ensure the quality of machine manufacturing We will run each machine after it is finished before shipment Customize machine design according to customer's raw material condition

How do you choose the right machine?

Please tell us in detail what you want? What are your raw materials? What is the final product you want to produce? What machine capacity do you want it to perform?

02   Inventory

Detailed list of plastic woven bag granulator line:




elt conveyors and metal detectors

1set of


Compacting warehouse/granulator

1set of


Single screw extruder (single or double exhaust)

1set of


Hydraulic screen changer

1set of


Plastic granulation system (Water ring cutting system)

1set of


Vibration dehydrator

1set of


Distribution system and storage bin.

1set of

Cold water strip granulation method also has rich experience, according to the raw material conditions

Plastic PP woven bag PE film granulation recovery machine line:

03 Detailed description

PP woven bag PE film granulation recovery machine production line (water ring granulation) :

Focus on plastic recycling granulation technology
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