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Mushroom bag plant bag cleaning and recycling machine

Mushroom bag plant bag cleaning and recycling machine

  • Name: discarded fungus mushroom plant bag bag broken washing machine line

  • Model: PTC series

  • Raw material: PE polyethylene film

  • Usage: Recycle PE film

  • Main machine: crusher, cleaning machine, extruder

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1. Mushroom bag plant bag crushing cleaning recycling equipment is dedicated to PE mushroom bag crushing, cleaning and drying.. Mushroom bag plant bag crushing cleaning recycling equipment can be used to get clean crushing dry PE sheets from dirty Mushroom bag.
2. The crushing, cleaning and recycling equipment of mushroom bag and plant bag can work automatically, and only 3 to 4 people can operate easily.. It has the characteristics of high capacity, low energy consumption and effective design. 3. In order to improve the output and quality of the final product, we can adjust the process according to the requirements of different materials. 4. Our mushroom bag plant bag crushing cleaning recycling equipment is made of stainless steel SUS304, to ensure reliable performance. The main electricity comes from international brands, such as Siemens, Schneider, ABB, Omron, etc.
02 Process

Forklift feeder → sawdust separator → belt conveyor → crusher → low speed friction washing → high speed friction machine → rinsing machine → low speed friction washing → rinsing machine → low speed friction washing → plastic extruder → pellet granulation line

03Distribution and Process

1. Distribution and source of waste plastics

According to incomplete statistics, the waste bags of edible fungi are generally incinerated and discarded every year, which increases the amount of white garbage. The waste plastic bags used in production can be recycled and processed into particles. The current market price of each waste bag recovery cost is 2 cents/piece, in order to allow local mushroom farmers to get more benefits from the waste bag, our enterprise recovery cost is 4 cents/piece, which can not only increase the income of producers, reduce the waste of resources, but also reduce white pollution. So as to create a good environmental conditions, so that the production of edible fungi can continue to grow steadily.

2, the scope of application of recycled plastic particles

After the waste plastic is processed into particles, it still has good comprehensive material properties, which can meet the technical requirements of blowing film, wire drawing, pipe drawing, injection molding, extrusion profiles and so on. It is widely used in the production of plastic products. According to the production capacity of the enterprise, the plastic particles processed by the enterprise are all used for the production of bacterial bags, or part of the products for export. The market is wide.

04Benefit analysis

To produce 1080 tons of a production line (i.e., 2 sets of 700-800 KGHR cleaning line and granulation line), high-pressure polyethylene polythene waste processing as an example, using data from a relatively conservative, carefully re-count founded a renewable particles factory actual profits, main basis: 1, the waste plastics acquisition around the middle price 2200 yuan/ton, such as recycling in the local mushroom farmers average price is 3000 yuan/ton. 2. The median sales price of recycled granules is 6000 yuan/ton. 3, waste plastic recycling particle rate of 90%. 4. Water charges and incidental expenses inconvenient to calculate shall be included in "other unpredictable expenses".

(I) Comprehensive cost (ten thousand yuan) :

1. Raw material cost: 3000 yuan ×1080 tons ÷90%= 3.24 million yuan

2. Power cost: the actual power consumption for processing one ton of particles is about 300 degrees ×1 yuan ×1080 tons = 324,000 yuan

3, water cost: cleaning a ton of waste plastic needs about 10 tons of water, can be recycled. As the cost is very low, it is included in "other unforeseen costs".

4. Wage of workers: 2 shifts per day, 3 people per shift:

10 people ×1500 yuan/month ×6 months = 90,000 yuan

5. Transportation cost: 100 yuan/ton ×1080 tons = 108,000 yuan

6. Other unexpected expenses: 20,000 yuan/year

The annual output of 1080 tons of granules comprehensive cost: 3.86 million yuan

(2) Annual sales revenue: 6000 yuan/ton ×1080 tons = 6.48 million yuan

(3) Annual profit: 6.48 million to 3.86 million = 2.62 million yuan

(IV) The annual profit of the two production lines is 5.24 million yuan

To sum up, the establishment of recycled plastic pellet factory is a little investment, investment payback period is short, quick return, good project with rich profits.

(V) Project energy consumption and construction period

The project uses 60 tons of water per day, 21,600 tons of water per year, 648 kilowatts of electricity, and 20 new jobs

Focus on plastic recycling granulation technology
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