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The wide variety of plastics and processing options can only be covered by a selection of foreign machines.In addition, POLYTEC collaborated with the customer to design a consistent integrated concept with POLYTEC machines and recycling solutions, which were then integrated into existing material logistics solutions.We are able to provide such a custom solution because our machine has a modular design and we use similar machine components.

Polytec grew into a high-tech group partner specializing in the r&d and manufacturing of industrial machinery for plastic recycling.We provide large-scale, large-scale recycling facilities for post-consumption, commercial and industrial plastic waste.
With the efforts of a team of experienced experts in the plastics industry, Polytec has successfully developed products to meet the market demand, such as the 'Anhydrous waste plastic recycling system'.Polytec has also obtained more than 20 patents for new products.To date, there are more than 200 production lines in operation with customers in China and abroad.

Since 2001

Focus on plastic recycling and granulation technology


Raw materials that hold value in the economic cycle
Plastic as a basic material proves its potential in a variety of products.Most plastics are recyclable.The POLYTEC recycling machine is designed to recycle waste generated by plastic processing companies and to provide plastics with a "second chance" at the end of their product life cycle.
Our dwindling resources are so precious that they are carelessly thrown into landfills and dumped in the oceans, polluting the environment or burning them.
A wide range of machine options for one-stop service
Focus on plastic recycling granulation technology
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