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Machine oil can chemical barrel cleaning and recycling equipment

Machine oil can chemical barrel cleaning and recycling equipment

  • Name: Machine oil can chemical barrel cleaning and recycling equipment

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This production line system is designed for recycling and disposal of hazardous waste HW49 type plastic packaging containers. According to the classification requirements in the List of Hazardous Waste, the common chemical barrels, chemical tanks, oil barrels, machine oil cans and other plastic packaging containers in our industry are HW49 industrial hazardous waste. It does not belong to general solid waste or industrial waste, and its collection, storage, transportation and disposal must meet the relevant requirements of the Environmental Law on Solid Waste Pollution. Therefore, this system is essentially different from the traditional solid waste treatment in terms of process rigor, overall tightness and zero manual intervention in the whole process. The production line system mainly includes: 1, primary crushing pretreatment, 2, primary residual harmless collection (or destruction), 3, fine crushing + secondary residual harmless collection (or destruction), 4, cleaning and dehydration, etc. In view of the differences in the chemical properties of the residual in the container, the harmless collection process and cleaning equipment types in the middle of the production line are quite different, which belongs to the typical non-standard custom production line. At present, our company has certain experience in the recycling and disposal of packaging containers of liquid hydrophilic chemical raw materials, some halogens, mineral oils, organic compounds and other types of raw materials. Meanwhile, our company has been actively researching more new hazardous waste disposal lines. Welcome new and old customers to visit our factory.
01Basic instructions
02 Recycling and disposal line of conventional hydrophilic solution container chemical blue barrel is introduced

Source material: Waste HDPE chemical barrel (≤200L) Ingredients: 1, the barrel body: HDPE high density polyethylene;                    2. Bucket cover: HDPE high-density polyethylene;                    3. Label: adhesive label paper;                    4, residual: conventional solution liquid, hydrophilic, residual rate is not more than 5%;                    5, impurity: a small amount of sediment on the surface of the barrel. For 200 l barrels of volume is larger, and the round state, the crusher efficiency is low and not easy to discharge, Po plastic design solutions to chemical barrels into the four axis shredding machine crushed at the beginning of processing, up to 50 mm Ø around flake, torn the plastic by slipped to the spiral feeding machine fell out of the screen (the residual liquid and rinse water by feeding machine mesh filter out centralized collection). Send to sink and float separation for acid-base neutralization, if there is a bottom of plastic and metal will sink from the bottom of the slag spiral out, here can be used to add circulating water to the tank for acid-base neutralization, the main effect is to reduce the plastic sheet carried by the acid and alkaline liquid on the equipment corrosion. The neutralized plastic sheet is taken out by the roller, and sent into the plastic crusher by the screw feeder for refinement and crushing treatment, and broken to Ø16mm(meet the requirements of deep cleaning and granulation sheet diameter). When crushing, a certain amount of water is added. After crushing, it is sent to the powerful friction machine by the screw feeder for powerful friction cleaning and decontamination. In the friction, an appropriate amount of cleaning agent is added for auxiliary cleaning, which can effectively remove stubborn residues and impurities. (If the chemical raw material barrel contains more residual solution, it can be used to add a group of secondary clean water friction cleaning and secondary clean water rinsing). After rubbing, the material is dropped into the rinsing tank for rinsing. After rinsing, the plastic sheet roller is sent by the screw feeder to the high-speed dehydrator for dehydration and to the storage tank for packaging and then to the granulator. Finished products can be identified in accordance with the identification standard for hazardous waste - identification of leaching toxicity (GB 5085.3-1996).




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